Congratulations Levi Tarr on 7th place finish in the Mini Stock main event last wednesday night April 19, 2017
Demo Derby Motor Runs!!!
You-Tube video of motor & car

Well folks we finally got the motor running in the 2009 SpongeBob Demo Derby Car
. We are very happy about that!!!

After overcoming many mistakes that happened when the motor was put together we are ready to move forward.

You ask what were those mistakes? I can answer that by listing them for you.
1. Torqued the oil pump on at wrong torque settings. Chiltons manual says torque it at 30 ftlbs. I torqued it at 40ftlbs. I had to pull the oil pan and retorque the pump.
You might ask the question has the motor been damaged? The answer is probably yes. We however are going to take the chance that it will last thru the demo derby.
2. We tried to use a old worn out starter. We have replaced it with a gear reduction starter. That starter should carry us thru the demo very easily.

We still have tons of work to do to the car. The great thing is that we are able to move forward with our build.

Would like to thank our sponsors Division 7 Metal works,Inc,,Mike Busby Photography,Divine Light Massage Therapy,and L&S Tire Company for helping us get the 2009 SpongeBob Demo Derby Car one step closer to the Demo Derby at Stateline Stadium Speedway on the 3rd of July.

The road to destruction is long with many challenges along the way. We are determined to not just show up, but to also be very competitive.

Our ultimate goal is to be the last car running and take home the big prize. We are going to have fun tearing up the competition!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!!!

demo derby motor headers

Demo Derby motor in the car

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