Congratulations Levi Tarr on 7th place finish in the Mini Stock main event last wednesday night April 19, 2017
Demo Derby ThunderBob Heat Race
Skip Makes Thunder at Stateline

With the momentum of winning the best Appearing Car contest of 2009 Skip rolled out onto the track ready for action. He knew every driver out there was gunning for him. They were ready to end his day at the races.

The green Flag flew and Skip did the bump and pass move in turn one. Then coming out of turn two he powered his way past and took the lead in the back stretch. You could hear the roar of the crowd as he past by the grandstands. Life is Good!

Then there was a accident in turn four bringing out the caution and then the red flag. Not good because the big lead had been now lost.

Demo Derby ThunderBob Restarts in first

When the green flag flew at the restart of the race Skip looks into his rear view mirror and it looked like a pack of hungry dogs was stalking him.

Then in the middle of turns three and four Skip gets tapped from behind. The car jerked sideways, but somehow Skip holds it together. The car that him loses it.

Demo Derby ThunderBob Save

With yet another car on his tail he enters turn one and gets yet another hit from behind.

ThunderBob hold it together in turn 4

His car goes completely sideways in the middle of one and two. He steers hard to the right. Then back hard to the left and he saves the car from a sure spin. The crowd goes wild as the other car spins out behind Skip.

The white flag comes out and Skip sighs with relief. One more lap.

The checkered flag then flys for ThunderBob as he wins his heat race in 2009 at Stateline Stadium SpeedwayIdaho.

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