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Demo Derby motor build 2009
Skip talks motor for 2009 Spongebob car

Flyin Ryan helps with motor assembly

Written by Skip Cook

At the heart of every demo derby car lies a motor of some type. Here we want to share some of our experience with the motor we are going to use in the 2009 Spongebob Demo Derby car that will be entered in the July 3rd Demo Derby at Stateline Speedway Idaho.

We hope you enjoyed the informative You-Tube video. We have every intention of sharing with you our journey to Destruction on July 3rd 2009. This motor build is one of those steps.

We ran into a few problems that will play a part in the big picture of how this project will turn out. The heads we bought on Craiglist have issues that the seller obviously tried to cover up. The broken castings around the bolt holes were discovered upon installation of the heads on the motor. We learned a valuable lesson about buying things on Craigslist. Look closely and take your time.

We are at a point where all we can do is try the motor and see what happens. We were unable to properly torque down several of the bolts in the bottom row of the drivers side head.

I like what Flyin Ryan said "This is like so LAME of a person to sell CRapPy heads to us."

He probably has a great point folks. We will keep you posted as to how this goes.

202 chevy heads with casting problems
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