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Hydraulic Arm Project
Design Team Success
Hydraulic Arm Intro to Engineering Project

Ryan and his friend Tyler teamed up in Intro to Engineering to present this project.

Their assignment is to mount this hydraulic arm they built on a structure that can be propelled by some form of hydraulics.Then after finishing the design they have to present a sales pitch to potential buyers.

The arm itself had instructions on how it was to be built. Ryan and Tyler's assignment was to design and build the propulsion system. They also have to show the whole build on a cad program called Solid Works.

This whole project is quite involved. I was amazed at the amount of work it took to get a propulsion system that actually worked. They designed and tried 3 different systems. They even let me have a try at designning one. I failed!!!

The assignment is still unfinished and has a couple more hours of fine tuning. This is after they spent no less than 8hrs this last weekend in the shop working on the design.

Great job guys! I hope all turns out well.
Hydraulic Arm on flotation platform

Hydraulic Arm Cad Drawing

Hydraulic Arm Project

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