Congratulations Levi Tarr on 7th place finish in the Mini Stock main event last wednesday night April 19, 2017
Josh Biehl The Woes of the black flag
Loss of control equals loss of points
Josh Biehl, Road Runner, Stock car

With nearly a full moon in the sky and being the 13th day of July the Roadrunner main event proved to be just that for Josh Biehl WIERD. The first interesting fact was that Brittney Rupert was unable to start the main due to some mechanical problems. Hopes were high about being able to gain some valuable points on the leader. Josh took the lead early in his True Stock Mazda Roadrunner only to be passed early by Blake Hinton. Roxann Cox was showing some aggression making some daring moves which caused Josh Biehl to spin between turns 3 & 4. Roxann Cox was black flagged to serve a stop and go penalty which she did without incident. After the Spin Josh found himself in nearly last place. He was struggling to regain positions when the full effects of the full moon took over...sort of a road rage type situation. Trying to get by Buck Miller in the #12 pinto he lost his cool and spun Buck. Josh was then served the black flag to do a stop and go penalty. We all watched as Josh's car seemed to move faster as it entered the pits than it did on the track. With the look of Demon Possesion in his eyes Josh raced down pit road toward the angry official. Whatever the exchange was between Josh and the official was it resulted in Josh being told to trailer the vehicle. Folks if you haven't joined us for Wednesday Night Fever at StateLine Speedway Idaho you need to. The action is great in all of the classes. We here at SKIPCOOK.COM are proud of our Rookie driver Josh Biehl. We think he is an up and coming star. LIFE IS GOOD

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