Congratulations Levi Tarr on 7th place finish in the Mini Stock main event last wednesday night April 19, 2017
Josh's Road Runner is Primered
Count down to race day!!!
Primer on road runner stockcar

Well folk's we have recieved word and Photos from the Biehl's racing shop. Josh with the help of his dad Brad have finished coating the car with primer. The car is looking good. Things are really coming together.The deadline draws near as the first race of the season is just 3 days away. Josh has expressed great desire to make that race. Time will tell. Generally speaking "Where theres a Will. Theres a Way"
Stay Tuned
Primer on Josh Biehl's road runner

Primer on the #2 road runner of Josh Biehl

Primer on road runner at Biehl's racing shop

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