Congratulations Levi Tarr on 7th place finish in the Mini Stock main event last wednesday night April 19, 2017
Skip Struggles with the Demo Derby Engine
You-Tube video of motor Challenges

Well folks, I sometimes wonder what it is I am doing. Do I have what it takes to put together a Demo Derby car?

I have built many Demo Derby cars and raced them out at Stateline Stadium Speedway in Stateline, Idaho. What I am wondering now is do I still have the magic that it takes to make it all happen.

Each and every Demo Derby car is a work of art in itself. The kinds of cars I put together take many hours of effort. I have noticed that each of these cars has its own unique personality. Some good some bad. Each car presents its own set of challenges that have to be met to complete each build.

There have been many times when I just want to haul the car off to the scrap yard and forget about it. Like life we sometimes get to the point where we want to just give up. I find that if I just keep on keepin on then answers come. Even Demo Derby cars can teach us lessons in life.

I would like to thank the 2009 sponsors of the SpongeBob Demo Derby Car. They are as of today, Division 7 Metal Work's Inc,,Mike Busby Photography, L&S Tire Company, and Divine Light Massage Therapy. Without all of these sponsors support it would be nearly impossible for the SpongeBob Car to make it to the track.

We have had some major breakthroughs on the car build. Things are lookin up. There is another video that is on its way.

Stay tuned for more action!!!!!

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