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Spokane Steel Foundry is a Drug Free workplace since 1996
Skip tells us his story of Change
Spokane Steel Foundry Drug Free

Written by Skip Cook
Thinking back to 1996 each of us so called people from the "darkside" had a strategy for when the drug testing program would be implemented. Some would take the chance and still use their products of choice and others chose to quit.

I chose to quit. So in June of 1996 when the Spokane Steel Foundry, a producer of quality steel and iron castings, implemented our current drug testing program I quit smoking pot.

I had been smoking pot for 25 yrs, and at that point became very angry and uptight. Three weeks into my plan of quitting I got into an altercation with a fellow maintenance worker. I was suspended for 3 days and sent to a counseling session. The counselor asked me why I was so angry. I told him I was 3 wks into quitting my pot and not doing so well with it. He said I was going through withdrawals. I asked him how that could be? I thought that pot was non-addictive. He told me that was not true. He told me that marijuana is highly addictive in the long term.

I returned to the Human Resources office after 3 days of suspension.

Traci, the Spokane Steel Foundry HR lady, told me that they had heard reports that I was on drugs and I needed to go be tested. I went and got drug tested. I was confident that I would not have a problem since it had been 3 weeks since I had last used any pot. Much to my dismay at the time I came up positive for marijuana.

I was then suspended for 5 more days during which time I was required to go for an evaluation to see if I might need drug treatment or not. I chose to answer all of the questions truthfully. Then towards the end of the 5 days I had to take another urine test.

When I returned to the HR office the following week I was shocked!! The results of my evaluation were that I was in need of drug treatment!! My head was spinning.

I was offered an intensive 7 week 4-day-a-week outpatient treatment program which meant that I could still work while attending the therapy. My life seemed like it had been turned upside down. I accepted the treatment and signed the 2 yr Last Chance Program. This meant that if I got into any trouble at work I would no longer have a job.

When I entered treatment I had to answer many questions one of which was "Do you drink alcohol?" I said "yes." They asked that I just not drink any while I was going through the program. I agreed with that.

During my 7 weeks of treatment I realized that alcohol always in the past had taken me back to pot. You see I had tried to quit smoking pot several times in the past. I would quit pot and keep on drinking. Each and every time I would end up back smoking the pot. Quite the vicious circle really. So I decided during this intensive treatment that if I was going to be successful at stopping the drug use. I would have to do it CLEAN & SOBER.

That brings us to the present almost 13 years later. My life hasn't been easy. Staying and being clean & sober has not been an easy task. I just take life one day at a time. I thank the good lord everyday for helping me have the strength it takes to stay clean & sober. My life is so much richer without all the confusion brought on with the use of drugs and alchohol.

I would like to thank the Spokane Steel Foundry ownership and management team who implemented the drug testing program. It has been a life saver for me!!!!

Tracei Scofield says "Skip is my Poster Boy of the Drug Testing Program!!"

You see Skip Cook was the first person to enter into the program and only one of a few people to SUCCEED at being Clean & Sober!!! He agree's that his quality of life is so far superior to what it was "Back In The Day."

Thank you again Spokane Steel Foundry for your Attitude of Excellence!!!

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